Developing an appropriate solution with exclusive technical knowledge is the key to our business and as part that we conduct extensive pilot study to provide customized systems for our client together with continuous support from membrane producers around the world. Specially tailored membranes are used to suit specific process application requirement.

Innosep provides a range of services and supports to customersfor their water treatments systems mainly relevant to membrane units.
Technical Consulting/Troubleshooting
For existing MF, UF, NF or RO systems or systems
that do not have any support from original supplier,
Innosep helps to rectify and troubleshoot specific
problems to improve system operation and performance.
Usual troubleshootings involve preventing membrane
damage, rejection drop, loss in production etc. 
Membrane Cleaning
In case of onsite CIP is not effective, Innosep provides
off site cleaning of membrane to clean single membane
for better efficiency. Cleaning is also done as part of
service contract to maintain membrane performance.

               RO/NF/UF System Operation support
     RO, NF or other membrane unit requires regular
    data logging, monitoring as well as proper backwash
    of prefilters, dosing adjustments, cleaning by trained
    operators. Innosep provides technicians on contract
     basis to operate membrane plant.

 Spare parts/Consumables/Replacement
Innosep keeps stocks for regular consumables like Antiscale, Cartridge filters. Other spares like membranepressure vessel, resin, media, lab chemical reagents, test kits, as well as pumps, valves etc. can be supplieddepending on exact type and model availability.

Membrane, resin replacements are also available to match with performance and quality requirement.UsuallyRO and UF membranes can be selected with various properties, sizes that can be used to replace existinglow performaing membrane.

Water Purification/Filtration Products  

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