Innosep Company Limited is created at the time when the need for an appropriate filtration and separation processes is becoming more and more necessary to improve product quality, reduce waste and minimize operating cost. 

The company provides customized liquid separation systems using advanced membrane technology for a wide range of industrial application. Membrane separation in industrial process application has always confronted a significant challenge over the past decade to compete effectively and economically over conventional separation methods. But with technological advancement in polymer chemistry as well as development of various inorganic materials, membranes are becoming a principal way to separate, clarify, concentration liquid solutions of various nature

Solution Provider for Liquid Filtration and Separation
  • Registered Thai Company, Founded in 2003
  • Provide Appropriate Water Treatment, Process Liquid Filtration
  • Recycle Water Systems for various industrial requirements 
  •  Customized Solution based on client requirement

Environmental friendly Technology
  • Physical Filtration and Separation (chemical free process)
  • Value added product
  • Consistent quality
  • New generation solid-liquid separation
  • Less waste generation
  • Environment friendly